You know that you'll eat well

You want to eat something delicious? Choose STAFF KEBAB!

If you choose a STAFF KEBAB restaurant you may be sure that you'll have a wide range of the Mediterranean cuisine dishes (in one of the three cities – Warsaw, Łomża, and Pruszków) to choose from. Our menu consists of over 18 dishes, among which everyone will find something for themselves – for a smaller or bigger appetite. We offer dishes prepared from the high-quality ingredients and make sure that those ingredients are fresh every day. Our motto is “Fast and Good”, which means that you can always count on a quick service and unique taste!

The dishes are served on the premises, where a helpful and smiling service awaits you. But if you prefer to eat at home, you can order takeaways. We offer a free delivery in the chosen hours! We recommend ordering kebab! The delivery in Warsaw, Łomża, and Pruszków is always included in the price.

Join the bunch of pleased Clients and check out the best kebab in Warsaw, Łomża, and Pruszków.

Before you make an order, please visit the bookmarks “News and special offers” and “Menu and delivery” - you will find there the current special offers and detailed descriptions of particular dishes.