Fresh products

Freshness and quality – those are the most important rules in STAFF KEBAB!

The quintessence of the Mediterranean cuisine are dishes prepared from fresh products. That is why we, with the greatest carefulness, make sure that the ingredients that we use for preparing our dishes are fresh and of highest quality. We choose only verified meat and vegetables from the local suppliers. We pay special attention to herbs and spices. A specially trained team of employees in every city takes care of that every day.

That is clearly why we are able to offer our Clients the best kebab. Warsaw, Łomża, Pruszków – there you will find our restaurants in which you can eat fresh and delicious dishes every day.  In our offer we also have free delivery of kebab and other dishes from our menu.

The trust which we have received from hundreds of our Clients, and positive opinions which we keep on receiving every day, proves the quality of the dishes served in STAFF KEBAB.

You want to know more about the products that we use? You can always ask our employees.