Monday, 20 June 2016 12:16

Falafel – delicious cutlets from chickpea

Falafel is a dish which is becoming more and more popular in our country. But what do we know about it?


Falafel is a dish from the Mediterranean cuisine having its origins, most probably, in Israel. This dish is often thought to belong to the Jewish cuisine, but it cannot be clearly stated as it is derived also from the Mediterranean tastes, including the Turkish and Arabic ones. That's why falafel is viewed as a dish which combines all those traditions.

It is a wholesome meal which is especially popular with people who are on a vegetarian diet. It happens so because it's a delicious alternative for meat and it's very nutritious due to a high content of proteins. The taste value is not in any way less important, because, as for the Polish cuisine, it is a very sophisticated dish!

Way of serving

Falafel consist of raw chickpeas, which is formed into small cutlets. Then the cutlets are deep-fried. Falafel can be prepared in many different ways and its taste can subtly vary depending on the spices used. However, it should be remembered that the basis here is turmenic and garlic. Falafel can be served in a set with additions or in a sandwich. Serving vegetable balls with various sauces that are to bring out the taste is also a popular way.

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